01 December 2006

Snow day x2

So we have another snow day today, but I'm not sure why. I know that most of you in our fair metro area are digging out from inches of snow. Me, not so much. My kids waited oh so impatiently for the piles of snow that the weatherman said were coming, but aside from the teaser flurries that we got around 1pm the was not one flake to be found. Oh well, maybe it will be our turn next time.

Hopefully this will not cancel my Cool Hockey Mom night out tonight. A night on the Plaza is something that I have really been looking forward to. I would really like to get some pictures of the lights.

The kids get to start opening their Advent calendars today. Cameron has one from Lego and I picked one up for Becca that is Playmobil. They are so excited! I can't believe that we are already so close to Christmas.

I will think of you all as you spend the morning shoveling snow.....:)