14 May 2008

The Gradute



Last night Becca graduated from Pre-school. It's a silly thing, really, to graduate before you even start school, but I think for Becca it was a significant step in her eyes. Almost like a validation that she is ready to go to school. I can't believe that she is going. It seems like yesterday that I sent Cameron off to Kindergarten and now I am sending Becca. She is more than ready to go- she can read, do simple addition and subtraction in her head, and count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens. If anything, Kindergarten isn't ready for her.

It seems harder for me this time. I think it's because when Cameron went to school I still had a tiny baby to distract me. Now I am left with life altering decisions- do I go back to work? What will I do all day by myself? Should I go back to school?

I won't be making any decisions right away- fall is the beginning of the skating season, plus we are going to DisneyWorld in December so it will be after Christmas before I can really do anything. By then some of the decisions will make themselves. Right now I need to concentrate on getting the roof replaced and planning our trip to Mt Rushmore in June.

I think I have had enough deep thinking for the evening. :)
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09 May 2008

Fun Friday





Today we tried out Paradise Park with Beth, Adam, and Lucas. It was a really neat place to play- a big ball pit and tunnels to climb through, a water play area, an art area, a career area, and a school area along with do it yourself face painting. Becca really enjoyed painting her own face. One of the stations was a cooking making station. That was one of Becca's favorites. The kids got to press out balls of dough, cut them with a cookie cutter, and then decorate them. Fun! We had some lunch and then finished our day at Paradise Park.

After Paradise Park we headed to Becca's last Friday skating lesson until after we come home from vacation. The rink will close on May 18th and doesn't open again until the day that we leave for our trip to Mt Rushmore. She was working on the 2 skills that kept her from passing Pewter Freestyle, and I am pretty confident that she will move up after the next set of group lessons. She was pretty heartbroken that she didn't pass the last session, but I really think it is for the best. I would rather she stick in each class longer and make sure she has the skills down the be moved on when she is not quite ready.

Tonight was the first annual kickball game between the school Cameron went to for K-2 and the new school that he attends now. His old school has always had the teacher kickball game and I really missed it last year. I thought it was a really fun idea to play the 2 schools against each other, and it was neat to see his 2nd grade teacher again.

Not much going on this weekend- it will be interesting to see what Mother's Day brings!
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Wow we got lucky. A week ago an F3 tornado dropped down in my neighborhood. It was 2 streets up and to the left of my house, so while we had roof damage and lost our "shady tree" (Becca is very sad about the loss of her tree) we are still happily living in an intact house. Becca is still a little bit upset about the "broken houses" and asks me every time we drive into the neighborhood if they are fixed yet. It is probably a rough thing for her to process, but hopefully as the summer goes on and the repairs start she will feel better.
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