23 January 2007

Our first spiral!

Becca is really working hard at her skating lessons lately. She started back to lessons at the beginning of the year after a Mom imposed hiatus because of her behavior and I think she got the point. It sure has been fun watching her progress, and we are currently preparing for 2 competitions.

Today her coach taught her how to do a spiral- think skate on one leg with the other stretched out behind you. The requirement for mastery of the skill is at least hip height and we were managing mid calf, but she was all smiles while she was doing it. I will try to get a picture of her doing it on Thursday.

It is just such a thrill to see her loving this. Every morning she asks me to take her skating, and on the days we do go there are tears when we have to leave.

Cameron isn't feeling that well so we bagged off on basketball practice for tonight. I sure hope that he isn't on the way to sick and he will feel better tomorrow. I am ditching the family and going to Omaha this weekend for a Sweet Adelines Music School. It's the first time I have been away from all of my family at the same time- I always have to take at least one of them with me- and I am pretty excited. I hope it doesn't snow!

18 January 2007

A busy week!

I have officially been gone every night this week. I started singing in a chorus that meets on Monday nights, Tuesday is basketball practice, I had craft night last night, and tonight was 3rd grade music night with a side of CiCi's. I find that lately I am keeping myself quite busy.

Music night was great. I really like Cameron's music teacher. She came over from his old school and she is really good with the kids. Plus, she puts on short and sweet music nights that are fun to watch. The kids sang about 10 songs and we were out of there in 30 minutes. We then headed to CiCi's with both sets of Grandparents and treated ourselves to a wonderful pizza buffet. :)

Cameron is having a bit of a hard time lately. He will be seeing his doctor on Monday and hopefully we can get it straightened out. He has gotten himself wrapped up with some "friends" that he plays basketball with during recess. In reality, I am pretty sure that these 2 boys play him so that they can pick on him. He is being tripped, having basketballs thrown at him, and just in general being mistreated a little bit too much for me to believe that it is normal boy playing. His big excitement for week was getting a Webkinz- it is a virtual pet that you have to keep healthy, happy, and fed.

We decided to enter Becca into 2 more skating competitions, one the end of February and one the last weekend in March. She will be wearing her polka dot dress again, but she will be skating to Mickey Mouse Club March instead of Good Ship Lollipop. She will also be in the club ice show in April and we are thinking about going to ISI Worlds in Chicago this summer. She has just started back to her lessons and is progressing much more quickly than she was before. It makes for a busy mom driving to the rink 3 times a week, and now we are adding a 4th trip so that she can prepare to skate her first competition on an ice surface that is not her home rink. I love watching her skate though. It makes her so happy to be out on the ice, and no matter how long we have been there she always cries when we have to leave.

On a sad note, a good friend of mine is dying of round cell sarcoma. She is one of the original cool hockey moms and Cameron played hockey with her son for 3 years. She was first diagnosed almost 2 years ago, and we thought that all was good after chemo, radiation, and surgery. It wasn't supposed to come back, but she was told that if it did there wouldn't really be much that they could do to stop it. They were right. The first of December she thought she had a sinus infection that turned out to be a brain tumor. Just 6 weeks later we are about to lose her. I always thought I had a handle on death, losing my mother and then a year later my daughter. But this just seems too cruel. She is in pain, she is paralyzed, and she just doesn't know how much longer she will be able to hang on. The one thing I do know is that being around her made me a better person. I am lucky to have had her in my life. She has been so strong and peaceful throughout all of this and that has made it easier for those of us around her. Cancer sucks.

09 January 2007

Picture update

I still can't figure out how to post pictures to the blog, so there is a link on the right side of the page to Kelley's shared pictures. I will just upload the pictures there and you can view them. I fixed the link and it works now. Maybe someday I will get it straightened out. grrrrrrr

My first post of the new year

Gosh, I never thought I would go so long without posting!

Our holidays were pretty good this year. We did pass some horrible virus around the family right after Christmas, be we all seemed to heal well and everybody made it back to their normal schedule on time. We are full into "real" life again. I am back to running to gymnastics, skating, basketball, and the like. I will see if I can get some pictures posted, blogger is now out of beta so I might be able to get it to work! I'm off to see what I can do....