30 July 2006


I forgot to add this picture of Holly. She is just cute as 4 bunnies. Somehow she has reached the ripe old age of 6 months *ack*.

The outfit that she is wearing is one of my favorites from when Becca was a baby. There is a bow with a huge daisy on it on the top. I was lucky to be able to hand down all of Becca's clothes to Holly, so many of her things were only worn a couple of times and now they are getting a little more use. Posted by Picasa

A quick weekend

Wow! What a quick weekend! We spent Friday at the dreaded kiddie joint- Yucky E Cheese. We went with our friends Jean, Nick, and Baby Holly Banana. Cameron and Nick have been friends as long as they can remember. I met Jean when Cameron was a baby and she was still pregnant with Nick- yes, even though Nick is about a head taller than Cameron (he is actually leaning down a little bit in the picture!) he is younger. Nick will be in 2nd grade this year. Jean and family were out of town most of the month of July, so when they got back the boys were really interested in getting together and this is what they chose.

Chuck E Cheese is familiar ground for the boys, but this was a pretty new experience for Becca. She could kind of remember the last time we went, but she went crazy this time. She was jumping around yelling "gimme a token! gimme a token!". She loved the squash a spider game the best. On the easy level she could squash 9 out of 10 spiders most of the time. At the end of the afternoon Nick had the
most tickets with 300, Cameron had 106, and Becca had 68. Cameron bought a mini car, but Becca really brought in a haul. 3 necklaces, a bracelet, and a pack of smarties. Everyone was happy- except the moms, loud noise and marginal food is not really something you want to pay for!

I don't think we even left the house of Saturday. We have been so busy lately that all I really wanted to do was sit and watch TV. It was so hot outside that we stayed downstairs and even ate in the family room. For some reason my kids think that eating in the family room is some kind of a prize. The only time I really let them eat down there is when we have fast food carryout, so I guess it is a double pleasure for them. We eat downstairs and watch one of the shows that we have recorded on our DVR and they act like we have given them the world.

Sunday David and I went out to celebrate my birthday! We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa D and hit the road! Our first stop was Bed Bath and Beyond where I drooled on new pots and pans, new dishes, and new silverware. Then we were off to Home Depot where I drooled on new lights, new carpet, new flooring, and new appliances. After that it was off to a fancy dinner at 810 Zone. I had never been there, and our original plan of going to Oklahoma Joe's was blown out of the water when we found out that they are closed on Sunday, so that is where we ended up. It actually wasn't too bad. We had a TV at our booth, so it was just like dinner on Saturday! Tomorrow is the big celebration at David's parents, but it was nice to have a night out to ourselves.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Posted by Picasa

27 July 2006

My first *ever* PTA Meeting

Somehow in Cameron's last 3 years in school I have avoided going to the PTA meetings. But with the new school opening up I decided to get a little more involved this year. I am now the head of the outside activities committee and we have our first meeting tonight. I will be in charge of scheduling all of the Ci Ci's nights, the skating parties, and any other outside of school activity that we choose to do.

I hope that I am not getting in over my head. I really do not like to lead committees much- I am more than happy to do the grunt work, but leading really worries me.

On the upside, we get to meet the new principal tonight. He is the second principal that our school has had and we haven't even finished the building yet. I really liked the old principal, but his father became ill and he moved home to take care of his family farm and his mom- can't fault a guy for that! I am nervous about this new principal. All of his notes to us have been very terse and he just doesn't seem friendly at all. I am sure all will be fine though.

An update on our spider friend

It seems he is out every night now, just not on the same spot in front of the door. The other night he built a web under the porch light but completely up against the house. Then the next night he built his web across the stairway up to our deck. Last night he built his web partially in front of the door, but not enough to really see it and David walked right into it. Neither of them were happy campers!!

That darn spider is eating too well. I am starting to worry that soon he will be big enough to break down the door and get some good food.

T Bones game

Ah- it's been a busy week! We went to a Tbones game Tuesday night- I was really looking forward to it, but wow! It was a l-o-n-g game! We went with the Raptors, Cameron's baseball team. It was the first time we had seen the boys and it took Cameron a while to warm up to them again, but by the end he was at least sitting next to some of the boys. Long breaks are always a challenge for Cameron. It takes a while for him to get used to a group of people, and if time goes by that he doesn't see them we almost have to start all over again.

The T-bones lost by quite a few runs, but it was sun to see some of the between inning activities. We have another game to go to next week with David's office, hopefully it will move a little quicker!

25 July 2006

Emma's Birthday

Saturday night we celebrated Emma's 9th birthday. She picked dinner from Applebee's and then we had cake/ice cream. I can not believe that she is 9 already! I can still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.

I was telling Stephanie the other day that I felt so lucky the kids got along so well. Really, our 4 kids enjoy playing together and rarely fight, and it is so nice to get them all together. Hopefully it will always stay this way! Posted by Picasa

24 July 2006

Champions on Ice

Friday night we had a wonderful girls night out at Champions on Ice. Becca was SO excited to see the skaters! Stephanie, Emma, Becca, and I all went and picked Pat up at her office and then we headed to Winstead's on the Plaza for dinner. I took this picture before we got our food and it may be one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken of the kiddos.

Becca was so hyper and excited through dinner that she could hardly eat. She jumped all over the benches and climbed everywhere. After what seemed like an eternity dinner was over and we were on our way to the show.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot at Kemper we saw some girls that Becca knew from the ice rink. Becca was already so excited to go, and then she became even more excited when she found out that she was sharing this experience with the big girls that she idolizes. It was setting up to be a fabulous night for her. The show started late, but once they got going and she adjusted to the volume of the music she went crazy. She was dancing and clapping like crazy and so excited to see all of the jumps and spins. All of the big names were there except Kimmie Meisner. My favorites to watch were Sasha Cohen and Stephane Lambiel. There was a pair of incredible Russian acrobatic skaters that did their entire routine in slow motion. It was amazing! Becca got a teddy bear, a program, and a group photo for souveniers. I think she had a wonderful time and I look forward to going to Champions on Ice with Becca again! Posted by Picasa

20 July 2006

Another new family member

The other night a spider set up camp on our deck and spun a huge web. David spent a good 3 hours watching the spider and what he did with the food he caught, and how he fixed his web when larger bugs tore part of it up. He ate pretty well that night, but when he didn't show up last night we figured he wouldn't be back.

We went out to play tonight about 9 pm since it finally got cool enough to go outside, and when we came in the spider was back. His web is as wide as the door out to the deck and probably 2/3 the height. It really is amazing to watch, even for an arachnaphobe like me. Posted by Picasa

Tough love for a 3 year old...

Tuesday night was a test session in Becca's group skating classses, so we used her private lesson to prepare and make sure she was able to do the skills. She has really wanted to move up a level so that she can be with her friends that were in the ice show. During her private lesson she flew through the requirements and had every one of them down. I was so excited for her! Then came time for the group lesson. Instead of going out and skating, she stood on the wall and refused to complete any skills when asked. She was not passed on to the next level. We told her that she had to stay in beginner 1 another session and she was upset, but I think it will really hit her when she goes and sees the other girls in the other class.

I thought that she might have learned her lesson, but when she went to gymnastics yesterday she ran all over the place and wouldn't do what she was supposed to do. She was warned 3 times that she wouldn't get a gold coin at the the end of the class if she didn't quit running away, but she still wouldn't listen. She really sobbed at the end of class when she didn't get a gold coin. It wasn't just her, there was another little girl in her class that was having the same issue and didn't get a gold coin either.

Here's to hoping she is a quick learner!

17 July 2006

My Zuchini Friend and a Gymnastics Update

Shortly after we came home last night the doorbell rang. We didn't hear it, but about 5 minutes later Cameron came downstairs and asked who was at the door. David went and checked, and this is what he found. It was leaned up against our railing and it scared the crap out of the kids. Becca thought that Mr. Zuchini walked up and rang the doorbell himself and was there to eat her. Cameron was very worried that someone was playing a trick on us and racked his brain trying to figure out who it was.

Turns out that it was the neighbors across the street that we buddy around with sometimes. We aren't close to our neighbors, but this particular family have been quite friendly to us. They have a son that is a year younger than Becca and my kids really like to play with him. Jessica (the wife and mom) has been growing a garden this summer and grew this huge zuchini. I don't eat zuchini, but apparently they don't taste very good when they get to be this large so she whittled a face and doorbell ditched it at my house. I told her that I knew where to go when I needed my Halloween pumpkins carved!

My Zuchini Friend now takes a place of honor on my kitchen counter where he enjoys bedtime stories and fruit snacks (but he is not too keen on vegetables).

On a side note, Becca really did a great job at gymnastics today. She is landing on her feet during her back handsprings, although I think it will be a while before she is fully performing them on her own. She just doesn't have the backward jump down yet. She can do a forward roll off of the balance beam onto a mat and her positions are getting really tight- for a 3 year old. It is amazing to see how quickly she is progressing now that we have changed her to the developmental program. It is so much fun to watch all of the girls in her class- they all have different strengths and it is neat to watch them progress. We are becoming a close knit group of moms as well. We have many things in common and I am starting to really enjoy the time we spend together watching our girls. Posted by Picasa

Omaha Royals

Our first stop on our tip to Omaha was to Rosenblatt Stadium to watch the Omaha Royals play. They were finishing up a rainout from the night before, so we got to see that game. The interesting thing was that since they were playing a double header the second game was shortened to 7 innings. I just don't see that happening in Major League Baseball.

We went on paypal pom pom and clacker night- lucky us! Becca had a blast with her pom pons and we made sure those came home with us. When she saw that big girls putting the pom pons in thier ponytails she just had to try it too! Emma caught a squishy ball that they were throwing our at the end of the game and she was so proud. The Royals won the second game, and they had fireworks Friday so we got to see those as well. Going to see the Omaha Royals makes me excited for our upcoming T Bones games.

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The Henry Doorly Zoo

Our first stop at the Zoo was the Desert Dome. It was an exhibit of all different kinds of deserts. There were African, Austrailian, and North American deserts in the exhibit. There were lots of snakes and lizzards, plus some warthog type animals and a puma. It was very intersting to see the differences in desert plant and animal life. Each part of the exhibit had plant life from that desert to go with animals from that particular type of desert.

The bird in this picture was very interesting to me. He was having a staring contest with that tree, so I decided to sit and watch him a while. It didn't matter how many people walked past, he would not quit staring at the tree. I watched for quite a while and he never moved! It was a live bird though, I could see it breathing!

There was also an exhibit called Kingdom of the Night in the Desert Dome. It was all about nocturnal aminals and their habitats. They had a cave area with bats and fish, and then a swamp area with the white alligator and other swamp life. It was quite the switch to go from that exhibit back out to the sunshine!! Posted by Picasa

Orangutans and Bears

After we went to the Desert Dome we saw Hubbard Orangutan Forest. There were so many different orangutans there! There was a gorilla family there as well. We got to see the baby gorilla riding on the momma gorillas back, and when they came out the daddy gorilla got very protactive of them. He had previously been very calm and tolerant of the people looking at him, but once momma and baby came out he started charging the glass at people who were looking in. Becca was not impressed. He was a very big gorilla!

After the Orangutans we saw the bears. There
were polar bears, grizzly bears, brown bears, and sun bears. They all looked like they were about to collapse from the heat. It was about 100 degrees and I can only imagine how hot that seems when you are covered head to foot with fur! Posted by Picasa

Riding the Train

After we saw the orangutans we rode the train. It was a 20 minute wait and a full train, but we got on. It took us past the elephants, the rhino, and the zebra. Got off the train at the halfway point and saw the giraffes and some black footed penguins and then headed to lunch at Durham's Treehouse Restaurant. The restaurant is a cafeteria style and the line was so long. When it was all said and done we waited about half an hour to get our food. The food tasted a lot better than I expected though so it was worth the wait!
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Lied Jungle

After lunch we went to the Lied Jungle. It is a rainforest/jungle building with lots of birds, monkeys, and fish. We also saw the baby hippo and a baby monkey in there. There are beautiful waterfalls throughout and I couldn't reist taking pictures of every one of them.

Before we went to the zoo I asked the kids what animals they wanted to see. Thomas wanted to see the gorilla, Emma wanted to see the hippos and giraffe, Cameron wanted to see the penguins, and Becca wanted to see *all* of the animals. (she was very excited about going to the zoo) David was being a smart alec and said he wanted to see the tapir. None of the kids knew what a tapir was, but we found them in the Lied Jungle!

We were able to go on a jungle path and walk on the floor of the Lied Jungle. We were down on the floor with the animals and a small orange monkey ran across a tree vine right in front of me. I tried to take a picture, but he was just
too quick. I could have actually reached out and
touched him. We got to walk through the roots of a tree,
and look into the hippo pool. It was really neat.

Unfortunately Thomas was not feeling well, so he and Stephanie and grandpa went back to the hotel right after lunch. Becca feel asleep shortly after we got into the Lied Jungle and she missed most of the action as well. As a matter of fact, Becca slept through the rest of our trip to the zoo.
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Scott Aquariuum

Our last stop at the zoo was Scott Aquarium. We go to see a penguin exhibit that was especially exciting for Cameron after his Penguin report that he did in second grade. They had pictures Emperor penguins, (the species he chose to study) but the largest penguins in the exhibit were king penguins, so he was a little disappointed. In the first picture Emma and Cameron are looking in an underwater window in the exhibit. They got to see a group of penguins swim right past them. It was so neat! There were exhibits about schooling fish, other deep sea type fish and a neat tunnel that you could walk through with a salt water tank filled with sharks,
stingrays, and sea turtles, along with other types of fish. It was the last place we visited at the zoo, and the kids were starting to get tired looking at stuff, so I think that when we go back we will start at the aquarium first.
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Saturday night dinner

On our last night in Omaha we went to a restaurant called Spaghetti Works in the Old Market District. Parking was crazy in the Old Market District and it took Steph and I about 20 minutes just to find a place to park. Luckily only Emma was in the van with us and we dropped her off in front of the restaurant during one of our trips around because by the time we found a place to park everyone else had waited for a table, been seated, and gotten their drink orders! The food was pretty good, and we were in the back room with a bachelorette party so it didn't matter that the kids were a little rowdy. Over all, we had a great time and I am eager to take the kiddos back to Omaha. The Old Market District is a beautiful area with lots of fun one of a kind stores and restaurants. The streets are
all brick and there are horse and carriage rides. We didn't go there until dinner, but I think that next time we go to the zoo I would really enjoy spending time strolling around shopping. After dinner we all walked down to a candy shop and got some treats and headed back to the car. It was then that I had my first "celebrity" sighting. I would swear that I saw Cezar Milan- the Dog Whisperer. David didn't see him, but I KNOW it was him that walked by.

We went back to the hotel, and even though it was late we took Becca and Cameron swimming. They ended up swimming until the pool closed at 11pm! We dried them off and tucked them into bed and got everything ready to go so we could head out the next morning. I think that they had a really good time with all of the activities we went to and I know they look forward to going to the zoo again. I am really glad that we went!
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10 July 2006

No more babies at my house!

That's right, we have reached the end of an era at our house! Becca has only worn pull ups for sleeping since last Friday, and we had our first "official" dry day with no accidents on Sunday. Part of me is excited and part of me longs to have my sweet baby back. I have promised her a trip to Libby Lu for all things glitter if she stays accident free for 7 days.

Of course with no pets left and completely potty trained children I see new carpeting in my future! :)

I figured out the secret....

On Friday I had quite a list of things that I felt needed to get done, and I was being pecked to death by my darling ducklings. After a couple of hours I decided to load them up with sunscreen and turn on the sprinkler. They played together(nicely even) for about an hour and then I bought myself another 30 minutes or so with capri suns and goldfish out on the deck. All those years I thought my mom was just nice- really she wanted me to GO AWAY!!!

05 July 2006

Fun on the Fourth

We had a good time on the fourth. We chose to hang close to home for most of the day, and then we headed out to the band's annual picnic and concert. This year it was just the 4 of us, so it was only me to do child wrangling during the concert. Cameron and Becca couldn't wait for the fireworks to start. They patiently (HA) held off until the fireworks started- at which point Becca freaked out. She informed me that she wasn't watching anymore and begged me to cover her with a blanket. It was such a shock to me that she was scared. She had really enjoyed the smaller fireworks we shot off with the neighbors the night before, and had been so excited to see the big pretties. Cameron has forgotten the years he was terrified of fireworks, and just didn't understand why she was scared. Becca did tell me today that she thought she would like fireworks when she was 4. Posted by Picasa

Let's get this party started!

All right, it's official- I am the last person I know to keep up a blog. So away we go!!!