20 August 2007

A new school year, and a busy weekend.

School got off to a good start again this year. Cameron was a little bummed because the boy that he really wanted to be in his class was listed, but never showed up for class. He seems to be adjusting well though. It is always touch and go with a new school year, but so far all is well. I am quite happy with his teacher. I was not thrilled when we got the letter, but after meeting her she seems like a great match for Cameron. We also found out that his teacher from last year is expecting a little bundle next March. I am so happy for her.

Just as we got Cameron through the first week of school, Becca had synchro camp. I think she had a great time, but they wore her out pretty good. There was a pizza party on Friday night and then she was at the rink for 6 hours on Saturday. They did all of their classes in one hour blocks and the girls in her group were such troopers. You could tell that they were tired, but they just kept moving, and often they paid better attention to what they were being told than some of the bigger girls.

Becca starts the first official synchro practice tomorrow and I am excited to have a craft night scheduled for Wednesday. Aside from a trip to the baseball game this weekend it is looking pretty uneventful. YAY! I am really looking forward to next Tuesday when Becca starts preschool.

Not much else going on here........

13 August 2007

Too Darn Hot!!!

Arg! It's so stinkin hot these days! We have not been outside to play in days and my kids are making me crazy! They really like to play with the neighbor boy across the street at least every couple of days, preferably every day, but it's been about a week since we saw him last. The doorbell rang a little after 9pm and it was Drew and his dad wanting to know if the kids could come out to play. We don't usually play in the dark, but they were so excited (and it was finally a temperature that wouldn't completely melt me) so we grabbed the chairs and bikes and headed outside. We were out until about 10:45 and the kids had a blast!

Drew is going to be a big brother in a couple of months and they had a meeting with a potential midwife this afternoon. It was very interesting to see how that shaped Becca and Drew playing tonight. They like to play "driving"- Drew has a little wood easel thing with a steering wheel on it and they both slide their legs under it and go driving. Funny enough Drew always drives, but he always sits on the right side of Becca. We thought they were acting like British teenagers, but we found out that they were headed to the midwife because Becca was having a baby. Turns out she had twins, they named theme Boyie and Girlie. About 5 minutes later she was having another baby so they had to go back to the midwife. After that baby they decided their family was complete and Becca went back to work as a doctor. For about a year now the response to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" has regularly been doctor, specifically the type that deals with children. It will be interesting to see if she follows that path when she does actually grow up. However, after talking to my friend Kelle who's son is premed at Dartmouth starting next month, I am not sure that is a career path that I wish to finance! :)

We spent the day finishing the detail cleaning in Cameron's room. We culled his bookcase, cleaned out his dresser, and totally cleaned out his closet. It is nice to have everything organized, but I still need to go in and alphabetize his books on the bookshelf. I know there is going to be more homework this year, and I want him to have a nice clean place to get it done away from his nosy little sister. The next project we will do in there is to bring his room up to "big boy" speed. He is no longer interested in the train wallpaper border that I painstakingly picked out for him before he was born- now he wants red walls (I agreed to *1* red wall) and black trim. (I did not agree to that!) So I am going to paint one of his walls red and the rest grey, and his bedding is a black/grey combination. We are going to replace his current dresser with a black one and his drum set is black, so I think he will be good to go. We seem to be hitting the teen years a little too soon for my taste, but at least I won't have to redo his room again.

We are starting to switch to our fall schedule this week. We have changed gymnastics days and we will switch our skating schedule next week as we are not skating at all this week. Then we are going full speed to prepare for Becca's first competition toward the end of September. Required hockey practice doesn't start for a few more weeks yet, but we are still practicing. I am working the PTA booth at back to school night Tuesday and David and Cameron are going to the baseball game tomorrow night. Just another regular week at our house.

I hear the ding of my washer telling me that the last load of the day is done. I think I will throw those clothes in the dryer and head to bed.

11 August 2007


Apparently I can post pictures again! Now I guess I have to pull all the pictures off of my camera............. ack!

Becca and Dad at Fall Fling

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The last weekend!

This is our last big weekend before school starts! The kids were going to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa, but they lost power and Becca got scared so David went to get them. I was out with the cool hockey moms for drinks, dinner, and shopping. It was our first night out since we lost Marta. We had a toast to her at dinner and then we carried on like I am sure she would have wanted us to.

Becca has a birthday party to go to tomorrow and Cameron really should go to slap shot Saturday, but the lawn needs to be mowed so we will see what gets done.

Cameron got his teacher assignment this week. He will be in Ms Moore's class this year. I don't know her so it will be interesting to meet her Tuesday. Becca hasn't found out who her teacher is yet.

This week is going to be a no skating week, so Becca is going to drive me insane! Synchropalooza is next weekend though, so I imagine she will get enough skating time there to make up for it. She is switching to her fall schedule for gymnastics, and this year she is going twice a week for 1.5 hours instead of 1 hour. Maybe that will wear her out.

Since it is 1:30am I should probably go to bed.