22 April 2007

tired and frozen.....

Ice show weekend has come and gone. Wow. I am so tired, Becca is tired, and I think that David and Cameron are tired of being together. Friday night was the dress rehearsal- all skaters on the ice at 5:30 with 2 run throughs scheduled. Cameron also had baseball practice, but with a bit of creative transportation we got everyone to the places they needed to be. Becca and I finally left the rink about 9- just after they finished the first run through. ACK! We quick put Becca to bed, and I went to bed myself. Saturday morning was another baseball practice and then we had to be at the rink at 2 for the first show of the day. There was a 90 minute break and then another show, we left after that and made it home about 10:30 or so. Got up to do it one more time today. There was a definite change in attitude in Becca's group- lots of tears and unhappy girls today. Becca stayed pretty even through it all, but she was certainly worn out at the end of today's show.

Becca was stinkin cute, first skating as a bride and then as a teddy bear. She took a couple of falls, but she never can seem to stay on her feet when she is skating with a group like that.

For some reason my foot is acting up tonight- the cyst that is normally only irritating has me bedridden and contemplating a visit to the doctor. I sent David to run my errands and bring us dinner and I am just hanging out. Hopefully I will be better tomorrow.

I will post pictures soon!

18 April 2007

Such a girl....

Becca has always been a girly girl, but lately it has really kicked into gear. Last weekend we went to Target and instead of looking at toys she wanted to look at clothes. She wandered around the clothing section holding things up to her body and asking us if we thought it would fit. David was pretty traumatized. She loves dressing her new Polly Pockets that she got for her birthday, and she is really into dressing her American girl dolls.

glitter, dolls, and another clothes hound- David is never going to make it!

16 April 2007

A lot has gone on!

So much has happened in the past couple of weeks- it's been totally overwhelming. First thing- my baby is a big 4 year old girl now, and she knows it! She has been so excited about her new big girl status. Her favorite birthday gift was a pogo stick that we gave her. Of course as soon as her birthday passed the weather went cruddy and she really hasn't gotten a big opportunity to use it. She had a family party and a small gymnastics party for some of her friends and really had a great time. She skated at Skate Kansas City and really was overwhelmed by the experience. There were 300 registered skaters plus assorted people watching and it was rough on her. I was proud of how she did though. She has improved so much over the past few months. She forgot some of the required elements in her artistic and freeskates and finished last in both of those events, but she finished 3 out of 5 for her compulsories. Not too bad for just turning 4 and skating in a division with kids that could be as much as 2 years older than you. I am just proud that she will even get out and do it.

Cameron has made the big switch from practice pad to drum set. It has been quite the change- drums are really loud! It is interesting to watch him progress though. It is very tough for him to move all of his limbs independently, but he is getting better. We took the kids to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago and he has fine motor problems with his eyes, so depending on the report from his teacher we may start some OT to help him develop smooth eye movements. Apparently the OT is primarily helpful with reading skills, and while he is very good at reading he hates to do it. It is like pulling teeth to get him to read and since he was always many grade levels ahead I have let that slide. I now wonder if he hates it because of the struggle to move his eyes smoothly. He doesn't need glasses yet, but she seems to think that he will in the next couple of years. He is weathering all of our family changes pretty well. He got selected to be in a "friendship group" at his school- the counselor grouped together a few kids that she thought would be good together and hopefully he will get some buddies out of it. This week and next are MAP testing weeks, so the schedule is off at school, but he seems to be having a good time. They got breakfast and lunch at school on Friday- what a thrill!

David ended nearly 9 years of employment at Reuters on March 30. It was a bittersweet moment for me. It's not like we had a choice in the matter, but I will miss many of the people that he worked with. Luckily a job offer was made the following Monday and he is back to work. He did get a week off between jobs though. I had quite a few things lined up for him to do and between spring break and bad weather nothing got done. He loves his new job and I think that he will be there for a long time.

Things are going well otherwise. We are getting ready to start quite a few projects around here- new flooring I think will be the first one. Yea! I love projects!