30 November 2006

A new link

Okay- since I can't seem to figure out how to post pictures since I switched to Blogger Beta, I added a new link to my Picassa Web album. The good news is that I put a ton more pictures on my Web Album than I ever did on the blog! :) Hopefully soon I will get this whole mess straightened out, but right now I have a partially decorated tree calling my name. Hope you enjoy looking at the kiddos!

27 November 2006

A nice Thanksgiving

We really had a great time this past weekend visiting my Granny for Thanksgiving. Granny is nearly 87 and still going strong! There were 19 of us there this year, and thankfully the weather was wonderful. We put the kids outside and they entertained themselves for 2 days. My aunt and uncle have 40 acres and my kids are used to about a quarter of an acre, so they had room to run! Plus they have a trampoline so Becca was in hog heaven!

We had been there about an hour on Wednesday night before my nephew Andrew fell on the fireplace and busted his eyebrow open. The glory of a small town is that my uncle called his doctor friend and then they ran to his office so that he could fix Andrew's eye- at 10pm the night before Thanksgiving, for no charge. My guess is that they would still be filling out paperwork at one of our local emergency rooms.

We had a wonderful turkey dinner complete with Granny's homemade dumplings. It is definitely a challenge to feed 19 people, but we got out tables and ate on the deck. We basically had a lazy day of sitting around and eating, then watching football. Aunt Janet had a cage bingo game that the kids loved playing and I got a chance to do some knitting. Later that night we got out the sale ads from the paper and planned our attack for Friday.

I skipped the 5am trip to WalMart, but left with the crew around 7:30 and we headed to Springfield. First we hit Target, then off to the mall, and then back to Target. Compared to the shopping trips of my childhood (where I can vividly remember closing down Venture and not getting back until after 11pm) we were not very ambitious, but we certainly put a dent into things!

We headed home on Saturday. Cameron does not do well away from home and Thursday night was was very upset about being away from his home. It was nice to come home with a day to prepare for going back to school and work though. I think we will try to get down there again this summer. Overall we had a great time.

22 November 2006

grumble grumble grumble

I have been trying to post pictures of Becca's skating competition, but I can't get my posts to show up on the blog. I will keep working on it though.

She was wonderful! She loved that a ton of people were there to watch her skate and really put on a show for her 61 seconds of fame. And I might be a biased mommy, but I think she was the cutest skater there! She loves her medal, and has worn it for the better part of the 3 days that she has had it. We are eager to compete again!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

17 November 2006

Becca and TV

We have a couple of DVR's from the cable company at our house. I love to have them because nothing I watch is on at a time that I can actually watch it. There are a few shows that Becca enjoys and we record those so that we can have them on hand for times like today- I have a raging headache (yes, the stupid thing is back) and I don't feel like parenting in a vertical position. This morning I loaded up a show for her and laid down on the couch. The next thing I know Becca is saying "Mom! MOM!! I don't want to watch the commercials. I don't prefer them." I was totally entertained by the fact that at the tender age of 3 she has decided that advertising is bunk. Pretty smart girl!

Good news is that I am feeling a bit better since I picked Cameron up from school.

David is off all next week and we are looking forward to a nice Thanksgiving with Granny. All we have to do is get past the skating competition tomorrow and we are all set. Hopefully I will post pictures tomorrow night of our little medal winner- she is the only one entered in her division so we are pretty sure she will win. :)

15 November 2006

Gearing up for the weekend!

The big weekend has finally come- Becca's fist competition is almost here!! The dress is almost finished, I have sewed (yes, *I* did it, no laughing) ruffles on boot covers, and I only have to come up with a way to make the boot covers look like shoes. Her competition mentor called the other night, I think it was the first time I answered the phone and somebody asked for Becca. I am quite sure it won't be the last!

Last night was week 2 of the new swimming lessons. They are at the same place and by the same swim school, but the old director moved to Texas and a new director took over. I am less that impressed with the changes she has implemented so far. She has moved all of the parents out of the pool area- which I don't really have a problem with- but there really isn't any place for us to be. The gym is divided into 3 areas, and they are having cheerleading, volleyball, and some kind of basketball practice at the same time. I got to listen to a weird variety of cheerleading and dance combined with some kind of rap music that apparently helps volleyball players practice better. She has taken the floaties away from the class that Cameron is in, and the reason why I put Cameron in that class was because they had floaties, and instead of putting the docks in the water for the kids to stand on they are all sitting on the side of the pool freezing while they wait their turn. We told Cameron that he was taking swimming lessons until he knew how to swim, but we may have to take a break while I find somewhere else to take him. He has come a long way though. He will get into the water without the floaties now and at the beginning of the last session he wouldn't. As long as he can hold on to the side of the pool or the instructor he is fine. I am hopeful that he will be able to swim a little by the end of the school year. I told him that once he could swim the length of the pool he could quit swimming lessons.

Last night was also our first basketball practice. Cameron has wanted to play basketball for a couple of years now, but it never fit in with his hockey schedule. There a 9 boys on his team and he really seemed to have fun. We have 2x a week practice until January, and then we replace our Saturday practice with a game for the next 8 weeks. Most of the boys come from another school in the district, but he did know one boy from his old school.

Cameron has drum lessons tonight and I have craft night, so I will have a few hours to devote to finishing Becca's skating costume. I would like to have everything finished for her practice tomorrow. David's band is playing at a tree lighting Saturday as well and we are having family dinner Sunday since we will be out of town for Thanksgiving. It will be Christmas in the blink of an eye I am sure!

06 November 2006

The tale of the toy eating tree.

Yesterday while I took Becca to public skating the boys got out Cameron's glider. It was a beautiful day, and while they were out there the neighbors across the street came to play along. Jim and Cameron were tossing the glider and it ended up in the tree between our house and the house next door.The first attempt to remove the glider was to throw a Blue's Clues playground ball at the glider. David assured me that it wouldn't get stuck because it was round. I foolishly believed him. A couple of tosses later the Blue's Clues ball joined the glider stuck in the tree. David disappears into the garage and returns with a basketball. Okay.
After he succeded in getting the basketball stuck in the tree (the current count is 1 plane, 2 balls) he decided to try and climb the tree. Yes, my grown husband decided in his infinite wisdom to try and climb the tree. Being as it's a Bradford Pear he didn't get too far. He was unable to shake anything out of the tree, so he climbed down and went back into the garage and returned with....... another basketball.
Luckily the teenager down the street had a long pole that we borrowed to get the stuff out of the tree. It took a good half hour getting all of the things in the tree down, but we got it done.
At least we have our stuff back now! :)
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