04 November 2010

same stuff different day!

Okay, so it is only the 4th and I have already missed a day. Whoops! What this is teaching me is that there really isn't anything all that interesting that goes on in my life! :)

I think we had the last cheerleading practice of the season tonight. There is a game on Saturday and the competition on Sunday. If the team wins Saturday, then the final game is the November 11th.

The final rehearsal of James and the Giant Peach was this afternoon. There are shows tomorrow night and Saturday, and then middle school returns to normal!

Tomorrow morning is Dads and doughnuts at Becca's school. It is beyond unreasonable how early you have to be to these things. I went to Moms and muffins 10 minutes early last year, and the entire cafeteria was full and they were frantically trying to find over flow space. I guess I am glad that we have a school with a lot of parent support. I am the Friday Folder mom for Becca's class, so I will head to school right before they start.

It is amazing how I feel like I am constantly running and yet there is nothing going on.......

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