11 November 2010

Sometimes it is worth it!

Becca skates in the morning before school. That means that if we are where we should be, we are out the door by 7am to be to the rink and get her dressed and warmed up for her 7:30 lesson. We are not where we should be very often.

This morning we were running late, barely made it to the rink by 7:30. Got to the rink- no skates!! David brought her home from the rink last night while I had my board meeting and took her skates with her. Quick call to David and the skates are on their way. David was only about 10 minutes away, so he was there pretty quick. Oh no- Becca wore her footies home last night and left them in her room. Only had one extra, so she skated with one footie and one bare foot. I told Coach Amy that we were a disaster. She disagreed in that polite way that people have, mostly to make me feel better!

I guess the crazy morning worked out for Becca. Started by warming up her sit spin. Then they did sit, change, back sit. It was beautiful! Let's try flying camel. FLYING CAMEL??? Okay. She did it- not well, but it was a flying camel spin. Practiced that a few more times. Next move on to the axel. She had landed a cheated one on Tuesday, but the axel is one of those things that one day you do it, and you might not see another one for 6 months. I was a hopeful mom, but realistic. Right now the axel is the holy grail of Becca's skating group- they are all busting their behinds to get there. It is almost monumental- like the axel transforms you into a 'real' skater. My baby is a real skater. She landed 2 more good ones today. She was given the green light to practice them outside of lessons. A couple more flying camels, and then they started working on her Double Salchow. Yeah, that needs a little work. :) But she is on her way. She was so proud of herself, and Coach Amy bought her a cookie at the snack bar. 2 axels and a cookie for breakfast? That is a pretty good day!

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